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<b><i>At the double: Staffordshire PCC <br>Matthew Ellis celebrates <br>retaining his post with <br>deputy PCC Sue Arnold</b></i> Not Independents' Day as heavyweights make light work in return of political PCC status quo
The political mighty crushed the minnows in spectacular fashion as the public showed signs of warming to the idea of policing overlords in the 2016 elections for police and crime commissioners (PCCs).
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<b><i>Ex-police inspector Arfon Jones<br> takes North Wales for Plaid</b></i> Wales polls: Plaid Cymru 'first among equals' after score draw on PCC winners' podium
Plaid Cymru got its police and crime commissioner (PCC) representation bandwagon rolling with a double victory in the Welsh polls.
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PCC Elections 2016: Results service
Wiltshire won the race to be the first to declare its result in the #PCC2016 elections. However, the day after the elections (May 6) brought a number of changes in 35 other force areas and, now with Sunday's declarations we have the full make-up of PCCs across England and Wales.
There are now: 20 Conservative PCCs (up 4 on the 2012 election), 15 Labour (up 2), three independents (down 9) and two Plaid Cymru PCCs for the first time.
Below is a full breakdown of the results for all 40 polls:

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<b><i>Lord Willy Bach: There won't <br>be many weeks like this</b></i> Leicester fan Willy Bach lords it over Tories in shock result for Labour
It may not have been at 5,000-1 but Labour peer Willy Bach emulated his favourite football team to pull off the shock result in the 2016 police and crime commissioner (PCC) elections — against all odds.
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<b><i>Still in a job: Dr Alan Billings</b></i> Dr Billings rides critical tide to promise 'exemplary' South Yorkshire Police
Under-fire South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner (PCC) Dr Alan Billings passed the litmus test of public opinion today — at the ballot box.
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<b><i>Top Coppinger: Cleveland <br>votes for Barry Coppinger again</b></i> Barry Coppinger back at helm as Cleveland PCC
Labour's Barry Coppinger has been re-elected as Cleveland police and crime commissioner as the 2016 elections continue to favour the status quo.
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<b><i>Victim: Pensioner Roy Blackman <br>was bludgeoned to death</b></i> IPCC: Officers fired four bullets in operation linked to murder inquiry
Armed police who shot dead a man during a pre-planned operation fired four bullets, investigators have confirmed.
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<b><i>Winner: Vera Baird</b></i> Dromey hails 'champion' Baird after retaining Northumbria
Veteran politician Vera Baird is back as the police and crime commissioner (PCC) in Northumbria.
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<b><i>Victorious: Ron Hogg</b></i> Ron Hogg returned as Durham PCC
Labour's Ron Hogg has been re-elected for a second term as Durham's police and crime commissioner (PCC).
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