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A strategic course
As cuts to funding take effect, the pressures on the service’s future leaders intensify. Despite the financial challenge, the Strategic Command Course has equipped them to chart a strategic direction for the trickiest of reforms.
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Improving local credibility
In the first of three essays written at the Strategic Command Course 2011, participants examined the work being done to create the best structure for police forces and how best to make the service accountable in Scotland.
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Operational independence or political direction?
One of the groups on the Strategic Command Course 2011 was asked to examine how the introduction of direct elections for governance of policing will change the operational decision-making of police officers.
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The argument for a new professional voice
The third essay in the series of articles written by participants of the 2011 Strategic Command Course tackles the issue of reconstituting the Association of Chief Police Officers and creating a professional body for policing identifying the work needed to take such proposals forward.
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