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Systems go central
Police-led ICT company will fix current ‘confused’ system
Theresa May has announced that a police-led ICT company is to be set up by spring 2012 to fix the “confused, fragmented and expensive” nature of the current system.
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Home Secretary criticises chiefs over red tape failings
The Home Secretary has accused some forces of not doing enough to follow the Home Office’s lead on fighting red tape in the service by reintroducing local targets and bureaucracy scrapped at a national level.
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‘Suppliers do not have all the answers’ says Price
The chief constable of Cleveland Police has warned forces that private sector companies do not have all the answers, despite entering the biggest outsourcing deal in policing.
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Cuts leaving police services unfunded says Sir Hugh
Vital policing services are being left “unfunded” and homeless by budget cuts, according to the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) who called for a review to see if all changes are achievable in its timescale.
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Cutbacks are beginning to bite warns Maxwell
A survey of police forces has shown that the service is set to lose around 35,000 employees as part of the financial cuts, including ten per cent of police officers.
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Chiefs urged to take opportunity to influence policing
An appeal has been made to chief police officers to provide a better response to Part Two of the Winsor Review than the disappointing input to Part One.
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X-factor of policing difficult to define
Police officers can no longer claim to be different to other sectors in working unsocial hours and having restrictions placed on their private lives, as part of the consultation into Part Two of the Winsor Review of terms and conditions.
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Hero PC who rescued woman awarded Police Medal
A police officer who pulled a woman from a car in danger of being engulfed in flames was awarded the 2010 Police Medal this week.
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