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<b><i>Martyn Underhill</b></i> A practical solution?
Martyn Underhill questions whether spit guards are an effective and safe way to protect officers and staff and explains why he is asking the Home Office to review their use before any further rollout.
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<b><i>Simon Byrne: Perhaps we should<br>concentrate on what we can<br>directly influence</b></i> Time and tactics wait for no-one
Chief Constable Simon Byrne discusses the importance of frontline leadership and adopting what works in the increasingly complex world of policing.
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MPs are not improving their reputation by false allegations
From the editor
MPs who made false allegations under Parliamentary privilege have highlighted a difference in the scrutiny of them and the scrutiny of police, and even of police and crime commissioners (PCCs).
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Nick Parker Reinventing the organisation
Executive viewpoint
Some organisations have prospered despite challenging environments, especially those that seek a distributed form of leadership. Nick Parker examines how these Teal organisations manage to produce phenomenal outcomes while decreasing sickness and staff turnover.
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Why PCCs are here to stay
Essex’s police and crime commissioner (PCC), Nick Alston, argues that the opposition expressed in the past week to the role of PCCs is unfounded.
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Paying for innovation
As final bids for funding collaboration and innovation are submitted, John Rowland looks at expected submissions and the likely winners when the Government announces its decision in the autumn.
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Remedying the drugs problem
From Sherlock Holmes’ use of narcotics to the modern-day phenomena that is the supply of new psychoactive substances, the UK’s ambiguous relationship with mood-changing drugs means it is time to look again at the restrictions on their use, argues Professor Robin Bryant.
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Cybercrime: A 21st century policing challenge
Keeping ahead of cyber criminals means identifying talented people and skills that can be harnessed to the challenge. Andy Archibald explains what the National Crime Agency is doing to seek out innovation and ensure it is able to attract the best cybercrime fighters to the sector.
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Safety in justice
Olly Martins believes it is time to address the issues surrounding the use of section 136 powers that he feels do a terrible injustice both to those in mental health crisis and the police.
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PCC seeks new chief executive to help drive forward strategic alliance
Executive Spotlight
With the new neighbourhood policing model introduced last week, the Warwickshire and West Mercia strategic alliance is developing apace. Since the alliance was initially announced last year, both forces have created joint chief officer teams, albeit with separate chief constables and police and crime commissioners (PCCs), and have merged a variety of different departments, both back-office functions and frontline or specialist police units, like the firearms team.
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