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Costs of reform attacked
The costs of introducing Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) has come under a barrage of criticism from police authorities and opposition party politicians.
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London backs Reform Bill
The new Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill has been backed by the London Assembly as it seeks to implement changes ahead of the legislation being enacted.
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Standby plan for PCCs
An acting commissioner will be appointed in the case of a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) becoming “incapacitated”, the police reform Bill has revealed.
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Queen will appoint MPS chief
Proposals contained in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill confirmed the commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) will continue to be appointed by the Queen.
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Staff to transfer employment under reforms
The employment of police staff will move under the control of police forces, if police authorities are abolished in 2012, the Government has announced.
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ACPO calls for clarity on reform Bill
The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has raised a number of “practical considerations” with the Government about the new Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill and has called for clarity about how new arrangements would work.

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Vetting procedure for PCCs criticised
Vetting procedures will not be enforced on candidates who put themselves forward for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) roles, the Policing Minister Nick Herbert has revealed – leaving the door open for potentially controversial candidates.
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Reforms include greater control of licensed premises
The Home Secretary has announced a new Bill which could see tighter measures enforced to give communities and local authorities greater control over alcohol licensing.
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Absence of measures on cost criticised
The Government’s Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill has been criticised by a leading national agency which questioned whether changes will have a “meaningful impact on licensing decisions”.
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Coaker concerns over elected PCCs
The Shadow Policing Minister has questioned new government proposals to introduce elected commissioners, raising concerns over the ability of one individual to oversee an entire force area.

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