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Opposition on principles
Battle lines have been drawn by the Association of Police Authorities following a speech from its president as the Government prepares to introduce a Bill enacting Police and Crime Commissioners as a replacement for authorities.
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Latest estimates show 50,000 job losses
The workforce of police forces across England and Wales will have to reduce by up to 50,000 if it is to meet the challenge of budget cuts over the next four years, according to the chief constable of North Yorkshire Police.
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Balls: protect operational, not frontline, policing
The Shadow Home Secretary has said the Government is wrong to focus on the visible when deciding where cuts should be made and instead should protect operational aspects of policing.

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HMIC to scrutinise plans for budget cuts
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) will hold a series of special meetings with chief constables and police authority chairs to support and challenge their preparations to deal with the budget cuts.
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National air support still faces concerns
Concerns have been raised by chief constables over the proposal of a National Air Support Service, the Association of Police Authorities (APA) conference has heard.
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Minister calls for better police contact
The policing minister has expressed serious concerns over poor satisfaction levels following the public’s contact with the police.
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APA publishes report on engagement
Seldom heard communities seek better engagement with police according to a study by the Association of Police Authorities (APA). The APA compiled a report based on the findings of a poll conducted in the summer which identified key factors affecting confidence in the police among ‘seldom heard’ communities.
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Awards for excellence in policing
The Association of Police Authorities (APA) 2010 conference ended with style as Baronesses Henig and Harris presented the annual awards for excellence in police authorities.
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