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<b><i>Sussex PCC Katy Bourne Opportunity knocks in 'digital age'
Forces need the courage to ditch “ancient and established practices to deliver policing and justice fit for the 21st century”.
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What are your most memorable policing experiences
Your views in 140 characters or less
Followers of the Police Debate on Twitter were asked to reply with the moments that most stick in their memory from their policing experience. This is the unedited version of what they had to say…
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The Police Debate: five key questions
The Police Debate
The proposals contained in the Home Office discussion document,
Policing in the 21st Century: reconnecting police and the people,
represent the most significant changes to the policing landscape since
the replacement of watch committees by police authorities nearly 50
years ago. The Government document invites feedback by mid-September on
26 specific questions. But there are other questions not addressed that
are at least as significant as those that are covered in the discussion
document. In this article, PA Consulting Group’s Bernard Rix, Neil Amos
and Richard Bailey highlight five issues that should be considered now
in order to ensure the future policing landscape is able to meet the
challenges ahead.

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Questions on reform
The Police Debate
Police Professional ensured that the main issues with the Government’s proposed reforms were addressed when we organised a debate between senior leaders and the Policing Minister ahead of the summer recess.
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Debating Police Reform - watch now
The Police Debate
Watch the Policing Minister and senior leaders debate the reforms in the Government's consulation document Policing in the 21st Century: Reconnecting police and the people.
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Resourcing and complexity risk to break-up of NPIA
The Police Debate
The diminishing resources allocated to the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and breaking it up could mean forces paying for its services in future or choosing not to run elements which have been part of the fabric of policing for generations, its deputy chief executive has warned.
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Concerns over ‘bureaucratic’ proposals
The Police Debate
Senior police leaders have expressed concern that proposals to create Police and Crime Commissioners and Panels will create more bureaucracy and lead to confusing governance arrangements.
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