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Strategic thinking for policing Principles over policy
Strategic Command Course
In this second instalment of the Strategic Command Course Gaudi groups’ contributions to major strategic challenges, future leaders of police and law enforcement agencies detail their significant proposals to make policing more effective.
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Personal visions
Strategic Command Course
Participants completed the 2010 Strategic Command Course by using the input from the previous three months to fine-tune their visions for the future. Three officers from a range of backgrounds share their views of the course and their plans for the organisations they work for.
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Back to the future
Strategic Command Course
It was three years ago that Derbyshire’s Assistant Chief Constable, Dee Collins, graduated from the Strategic Command Course, but she returned this year to put back some of the investment the service made in her in 2007.
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A challenge to principles
Strategic Command Course
A number of participants of this year’s Strategic Command Course have responded to a challenge set by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Denis O’Connor, to set out their position statement for the service by making a number of interesting, as well as controversial, proposals to ensure it meets the demands of the future.
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Legitimacy: Why you should care
Strategic Command Course
Is the police service structured and organised in such a way to deliver effective engagement, to increase public confidence and to maintain legitimacy?
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Risk in proportion
Strategic Command Course
This article seeks to address the assertion that the police service has become risk-averse and entrenched in a bureaucratic approach to managing risk. While it would be counter-intuitive to employ processes or guidance which, for example, failed to stop a terrorist from boarding an aircraft with an explosive device, it may be acceptable to take greater risks with low-risk activities.
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What does the next generation of officers think of ACPO/ACPOS and its role?
Strategic Command Course
What can ACPO/ACPOS do to harness the abilities of its membership more effectively in strengthening the professional status of policing?
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Commanding Proposals
2010 Strategic Command Course
The National College of Police Leadership held its first Strategic
Command Course graduation last month when police officers from Canada,
Ireland and France joined officers and staff from UK police forces, the
Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and HM Revenue and Customs on the
ten-week course that prepares them for command roles.

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Addressing the democratic deficit
SCC – Accountability
Some people (and politicians) talk as if police accountability is a single dimension

that is no longer fit for purpose. Accountability can be viewed as
multi-dimensional and it may be that a dimension (or dimensions) is
missing. This article considers this analysis and recommends how police
accountability might look and feel in the future.

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Policing – the new Google
SCC – austerity
As we enter a period of economic austerity, how will the service
balance the need for continuous improvement in service delivery against
a background, in the medium term, of significant reductions in funding?

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