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A fallacy of terminology
Miranda Carruthers-Watt, Chief Executive of Lancashire Police Authority, considers the vital, but often invisible, layers of the front line.
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Leading in governance
Voice of Authority
Following comparatively poor performance and recommendations to address
leadership issues, the new chairman of Nottinghamshire Police Authority
explains why he is confident the force and authority are now capable of
achieving the performance the public deserves.

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Progressive empowerment
Voice of Authority
Kent Police has not had a female chief officer for some time and the
police authority is determined to do something about it. Chair Ann
Barnes and the UK’s first female chief constable, Pauline Clare, talk
to Police Professional about empowering staff and breaking through
glass ceilings.

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Police authorities… how well do you know yours?
Voice of Authority
As police authorities in England and Wales launched a coordinated
campaign this week, Rob Garnham, Chair of the Association of Police
Authorities, explains why support from the wider police family is
important to improve public confidence in the police.

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Working together: What can we expect from collaboration?
Voice of Authority
Collaboration and joint working is never very far from the minds of
public sector leaders at the moment. Miranda Carruthers-Watt considers
the implications for the police.

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