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<B><i>PD Finn sustained head and chest<br>injuries after being stabbed by<br>a suspected armed robber</b></i> More criminal than damage
An outpouring of support has raised greater awareness of the injustice of treating an attack on a police dog or horse as simple damage to police property. Police Professional looks at the latest in the campaign for better protection for police animals.
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<b><i>Rick Muir: no area of policing<br>immune from technological innovation</b></i> Robocops: are the police robots coming?
Rick Muir discusses the role of automation and asks whether the public have been consulted on the future of digital policing.
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Building the vision... to reform the workforce
I am very grateful to Police Professional for devoting a whole issue to the question of workforce reform in the police service. As the ACPO lead for this subject, I have found it difficult to establish a clear vision shared by all the key bodies in policing on how we want to see our staff develop in the future.
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NHS workforce strategy: Any relevance to the police?
Every large workforce needs a clear and enlightened workforce strategy which addresses the problems it faces. Andrew Foster explains how a ‘Skills Escalator’ is working for the NHS.
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‘Make-over’ for teachers
David Cracknell argues it might be wise to keep a close eye on what could be lost, as well as what could be won, with workforce reform.
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Neighbourhood policing: The trail blazer for a new workforce
Without a degree of national agreement neighbourhood policing could fail to reach its full potential, as Mark Rowley explains.
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Leadership strategy
David Williams explains how the way leaders engage with their workforce is critical to performance management.
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Solid foundations
Christine Barton explains that the challenge for the police service is to develop a strategic approach that maintains the clarity of purpose and direction required for workforce development.
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Meeting the demands of the public
Katherine Govier argues that the workforce needs to be restructured so that it delivers a service that meets communities’ needs in a way that maximises public value.
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The right fix for training
Steve Corkerton gives a personal take on the ‘dreaded’ subject of accreditation.
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