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<b><i>Che Donald: 'Reality of policing<br>is that officers are<br>placed in harm's way'</b></i> Spitting Mad
When eight police officers at the Notting Hill Carnival were taken to hospital for anti-viral treatment after being spat at, and then the Metropolitan Police ‘paused’ its decision to start a three-month trial using spit guards, PFEW’s Interim Board Member Che Donald was spitting tacks…
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What CAN you do? – changing police culture
For the past three years the Disabled Police Association (DPA) have been working hard to change hearts and minds to change the culture in policing for disabled officers and staff to a culture that first considers what disabled officers and staff “can do” rather than what they “can’t do”.
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<b><i>Police Foundation: transparency is<br>in the public interest</b></i> Home Office urged to make innovation clearer
Gavin Hales, deputy director of the Police Foundation, has called for greater transparency from the Home Office in relation to successful Innovation Fund bids.
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<b><i>Unlikely pulling out of EU would<br>leave us safer: Harvey Redgrave The referendum debate: safer in or out?
Harvey Redgrave provides an analysis of the arguments for and against staying in the EU from a law enforcement perspective.
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Chief Superintendent Irene Curtis A new target
Irene Curtis urges leaders to develop and share “fresh approaches” on performance management following the publication of her review of targets in policing.
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Gavin Hales: CSR re-aligned debate What the CSR means for the police service – some early reflections
The outcome of last week’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) came as a welcome surprise to the police service in England and Wales, with a commitment to protect ‘overall police spending’ in real terms until 2019/20, rather than the anticipated 20 to 40 per cent budget cuts.
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Adam Simmonds: be daring Think I'm radical, just see what is being planned for the Special Constabulary
Special Constables at the core of police reform
As a police and crime commissioner I have many times been criticised by the policing profession for being ‘too ambitious’. Probably no more so than over my policy of increasing four-fold the number of volunteer Special Constables we have in Northamptonshire.
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What can a new Government do for victims in Wednesday’s Queens Speech?
Linda Lee suggests ways the Government can improve victims lives when it announces its plans through the Queen's Speech next week and expresses concern over the finance available for justice services.
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CC Mike Barton Reflections on a dry January
Durham’s chief constable is not known as a tee-totaller but taking part in Dry January has given him a new perspective on the alcohol industry. Here he discusses his experience and urges the Government to introduce minimum pricing to send a message to young people.
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How the war was lost
While the police say drugs enforcement is not warfare, Mev Brown argues that the latest national drugs strategy continues to wave a white flag in the battle against drugs crime.
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