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Robocops for real
Autonomous robots are increasingly taking on police and security roles in many parts of the world, often at a fraction of the cost of their human counterparts. Police Professional looks at the technical, logistical and ethical considerations behind the trend.
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<b><i>Professor David Weisburd Popular patrols
Despite its proven benefits for crime prevention, hot spot policing has been criticised for leading to bias and disproportionate targeting of certain communities. Professor David Weisburd argues that not only is this not the case, policing can continue to use the tactic while gaining in legitimacy.
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Point of origin
Isotopes could help identify where drugs began their journey to the UK, of particular concern when the threat from new sources of opiates looms large at the borders.
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Directions of impairment
As results from a national crackdown suggest officers are getting better at identifying people who get behind the wheel after taking narcotics – and drink-driving casualties continue to rise – Police Professional explores whether the time is right to change gear on what counts as ‘under the influence’.
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Transformation for a digital future
With the Emergency Service Network (ESN) switchover on the immediate horizon and digital evidence growing daily, there are already concerns that polices forces will soon be inundated by multimedia, both in the control room where emergency calls are handled, and in the investigative department.
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<b><i>Elizabeth Denham Staying secure
Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham looks at the issues around the disclosure and transfer of people’s personal data and explains why protecting personal information is a job for everyone.
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<b><i>Richard Bennett Contemporary neighbourhoods
Following a recommendation made by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, the College of Policing has begun a major review of neighbourhood policing, which could have significant implications for the service. Richard Bennett explains how officers can contribute to developments.
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<b>Professor Noel Sharkey (left) &<br>Detective Constable Andrew Kent Mechanisms of prevention?
As robotic dolls are set to hit the UK, Police Professional looks at the arguments for their use in preventing or encouraging criminality by sexual offenders who are able to play out their violent or illegal desires.
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<B><I>Dr Siobhan Weare Forced to penetrate
For the first time research has revealed the impact of sexual abuse on male victims by female partners and the huge challenges officers face to recognise and investigate offending.
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<b><i>Ross Compton The tell-tell heart
Information contained on a pacemaker has helped determine a great deal about victims but there are a surprising number of legal cases emerging where an offender has been trapped by what their coronary assistant has told investigators.
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