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<b><i>Essex teenager Alexander Bassey was<br>jailed for eight years after spraying<br>'acid' on a group of friends New weapons
The past week has seen a number of vicious attacks using acid thrown in the faces of victims. Police Professional looks at the increasing trend of what has been called liquid thuggery.
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<b><i>Superintendent Jenny Sims explains<br>Merseyside Police's Operation<br>Brookdale Remember Jessica Chisnall
Merseyside Police has led recent national discussions on the development of tactics to rid streets and fields of dangerously ridden scrambler bikes, in the hope that all forces will never experience the same tragedy it faced earlier this year.
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<b><i>Google has been testing a range<br>of autonomous vehicles Enforcing a revolution
As the UK aims to be at the forefront of driverless vehicles, changes from next year will have a major impact on roads policing. Here, experts offer their advice for what is literally round the corner.

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<b><i>Glen Jackson Follicle forensics
Despite falling in importance, recent research shows that evidence recovered from hair left at crime scenes could tell us much more about a suspect or victim than was ever thought possible.
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<b><i>Shaun Cattermole and Donna-Marie<br>Bridgeman caught on CCTV outside<br>the Unruly Pig Starters orders
It is usually more expensive to investigate those who ‘do a runner’ after dining out than the bill being avoided, but forces are seeing such an increasing number of prolific offenders that crime prevention advice is now being widely offered.
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<b><i>Dr Daryl Kenny Lightening the load
There are a number of measures available to balance financial constraints with an ever increasing demand for services. Dr Daryl Kenny looks at developments here, in the wider public sector, and internationally within policing, to identify lessons for UK law enforcement.
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<b><i>Dr Justin Ready Critical recall
Simulations have shown how much detail can be remembered by officers involved in shooter incidents, immediately and in the days after, with significant implications for the development of post-incident procedures.
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<b><I>Julia Shaw Failing memories
A number of research projects have shown how easy it is to obtain false statements from witnesses and suspects with clear implications for law enforcement and the courts.
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Data-driven prevention
West Midlands Police has identified thousands of people vulnerable to criminality and suitable for intervention. Police Professional looks at how it is using its intelligence to target the biggest driver of offending.
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<b><i>Adam Lynes Deadly drivers
The jobs held by serial killers have been detailed in a book published this week but researchers have questioned whether occupation is still relevant when the internet provides the access and opportunity that driving gave to the likes of the Yorkshire Ripper.
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