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<b><i>Chief Constable Ian Spittal</b></i> Humble steps
Chief Constable Iain Spittal explains the challenges in leading a force out of a troubled past and ensuring there are no skeletons left for a successor to deal with.
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Realigning the sights
Gun crime is on the up after a long downward trend. Police Professional examines the underlying reasons behind this spike and what is being done to combat it on an operational level.
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Truth tests
As polygraph use spreads throughout forces in England, Police Professional looks at how the force that introduced it is making best use of the technology.
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<b><i>Craig Guildford In sharp focus
Chief Constable Craig Guildford explains how Gwent Police created a dedicated unit to eliminate lengthy investigations into child abuse images and by placing the attention on relevant evidence ensure that convictions are achieved in less than a month.
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<b><i>Michael Bancroft, David Mills and<br>Lynden Scourfield in Barbados Daunting disclosure
After leading Thames Valley Police’s most complex case through the prosecution stage, Detective Superintendent Nick John explains the lessons in documenting relevant evidence when a force has to take on such a complex fraud.
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<b><i>David Bailey Policing by content
Staffordshire Police has arguably been the most innovative in its use of social media, particularly Facebook, and its senior communications manager David Bailey explains how it has been able to influence public perceptions and operational policing at all times of the day.
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<b><i>Nick Mathewson A darker side
Keeping up with criminals on the internet is a constant challenge and that is about to get even more difficult as the onion router technology is about to offer more secret places to hide.
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<b><i>Maria Aldridge Linking characteristics
When a skull of someone who died around 50 years ago was discovered in a skip, crime scene investigators attempted to find the person’s identity by showing how she might have looked, including prominent features, to prompt the public’s memory.
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Unravelling complex cases
Many major cases have involved the question of how something or someone was tied up. Police Professional speaks to experts about what can be gained from evidence on how knots were formed.
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<b><i>Jenna Thomas Timeline of crime
One analyst’s assessment of crime as it affects all age groups has won her a top award and could lead to a clearer picture of vulnerability throughout the entire population.
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