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<b><i>Steve Finnigan Stoic but less safe
Having served as an officer for the past 41 years and as chief constable of Lancashire Constabulary for more than 12, Steve Finnigan has seen policing respond and adapt to innumerable challenges. However, over the past seven years, one issue has come to the fore that, he believes, has caused community safety to regress.
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<b><i>Researchers Fabrizio Donnarumma &<br>Fan Cao set up an infared laser<br>system used to remove fingermark<br>materials from a surface for<br>chemical analysis Laser recovery
Scientists have made an important discovery which could lead to new ways to collect biometric information and evidence of substances deposited among fingerprints without destroying the evidence.
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<b><i>Professor Peter Vanezis &<br>Denise Syndercombe-Court Fine-tooth combing
The traumatic job of identifying tens, if not hundreds, of burnt bodies in last week’s North Kensington disaster is well under way, but past experiences show how difficult and painstaking that investigation needs to be and why some may never be resolved.
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<b><i>Abbie Kilbride woke up to<br>swollen lips and third degree<br>burns Behind the smile
Sometimes those offering unskilled dental or medical services are also guilty of fraud, as the increasing number of charlatans who prey on people’s vanity shows.
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<b><i>Karen Gardner High and dry
Technological reforms are supposed to be helping serious sexual offence victims survive the court ordeal, but many say they cannot face giving evidence because the process still makes them suffer all over again.
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<b><i>Chief Inspector Jane Bailey Active on psychoactives
Powerful synthetic drugs are changing the challenges of policing cities across the UK. Police Professional looks at how West Midlands Police is developing a multi-agency strategy to reduce the harm being caused across the region.
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<b><i>US Patrolman Chris Green Safe searches
Deaths in the North East of England have sparked fears that officers could be exposed to highly toxic substances when searching for drugs. Police Professional looks at how concerns over fentanyl use are being addressed.
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<b><i>Professor Peter Sommer Lost benefit?
As new standards are being implemented for digital forensics examination, there is growing concern that analysis is grinding to a halt under a disproportionate burden. Professor Peter Sommer explains how these standards can not keep up with technology.
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<b><i>Detective Inspector Rory Hamilton A loss of innocence
Incredible abuse can sometimes be hard to spot, even when injuries are extremely serious. Detective Inspector Rory Hamilton explains the lessons from the deeply disturbing murder of a two-year-old boy by his carers.
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<b><i>Rick Bradley and Tim Murphy Synthetic stashes
Since legislation was introduced to eradicate the sale of new psychoactive substances their availability is certainly less visible. However, problems persist as the market evolves to provide users with alternative ways to get their fix.
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