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<b><i>DCI Sarah Staff and Michael<br>Will Chain of crime
As the culmination of a major investigation sees a group of Romanian criminals jailed for a series of jewellery robberies across the country, Police Professional examines the prominence of Eastern European organised gangs and the steps being taken across Europe to combat them.
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When a child dies
Senior figures in homicide investigation discuss the importance of critical decisions following the death of a child, especially considering the intense scrutiny and likely case reviews.
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<b><i>Professor Rob Briner Managing effectively?
Professor Rob Briner puts the case for greater use of evidence in managing organisations, preventing a culture of fad-following and ensuring those in power are challenged.
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<b><i>Chief Superintendent Craig Naylor,<br>Jayne Sykes and Chief Superindent<br>Terri Nicholson Ready for anything
As graduates of ‘one of the best’ courses policing has to offer pursue aspirations to become the next senior leaders of the service, Police Professional reports on their preparation for the many challenges ahead.
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<b><i>Superintendent Jenny Sims Going up a gear
After a series of high-profile incidents and serious crimes involving scrambler bikes, Merseyside Police is kick-starting discussions on a national response to the issue.
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<b><i>Jason Ablewhite Uniform approach
As forces face increased pressure to make efficiencies through collaboration, police and crime commissioner Jason Ablewhite explains how seven are looking to make as much as 20 per cent savings through the largest regional procurement arrangement in the country.
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<b><i>Julie Gawrylowicz The witness wore beer goggles
Research suggests those viewing a crime can protect a memory of an incident by drinking alcohol. Police Professional looks at how people’s recollection can be altered by moderate drinking.
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Smart analysis
Criminals are finding new applications and ways of hiding their digital communications through encryption and changing channels. Police Professional looks at some of the trends and solutions being applied.
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<b><i>Domestic abuse arrest rate<br>(per 100 domestic abuse crimes),<br>by force, for the 12 months<br>to June 30, 2016 Flagging effectiveness
Police Professional looks at the details of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary’s report into forces’ performance in keeping people safe and initial responses from across the service.
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<b><i>Paul Kennedy Points of mobility
Paul Kennedy spells out how crime prevention and detection can be transformed through the ‘Triangle of Mobile Technologies’.
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