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<b><i>Forensic Architecture created a<br>full-scale mock-up of an<br>internet cafe to show the field<br>of vision of a witness Picturing the package
Technology is continuously improving law enforcement’s ability to present evidence in images. Now, the public can also challenge what happened by incorporating a broad range of information into an advanced impression of a crime scene.
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<b><i>Jeffrey DeMarco & Corinne<br>May-Chahal Factors of abuse
Few officers are equipped to spot those at risk of online exploitation, research shows, but they could start by seeing victims’ vulnerabilities.
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<b><i>Chief Superintendent Matthew Nicholls Attraction of volunteering
One force has found that integrating special constables into everyday operational policing can reap huge rewards and, instead of seeing them as an add-on to the regulars, it can benefit much more from their specialist skills.
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<b><i>Footwear impressions found at the<br>scene of several burglaries helped<br>connect Robert Halfpenny to a series<br>of power tools thefts in Swansea Tools of the trade
Police Professional examines how science and old-fashioned leg work led to the recovery of vast amounts of equipment stolen from builders.
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<b><i>Professor Mark Bellis Reducing adverse impact
It has long been known that childhood experiences have a major impact on future prospects, including potential involvement in criminality. Professor Mark Bellis explained how agencies can work together to dramatically improve young people’s resilience to negative incidents.
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Deadly games
The proliferation of the ‘swatting’ phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic has led to serious consequences for victims, perpetrators and the police. Police Professional reports on the hoaxes that are costing lives.
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Restoring communities
The Research Inspector talks to Assistant Professor Kerry Clamp about the development of community-based restorative practices having researched their worldwide implementation.
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Westlaw Criminal Law Week
The latest court decisions from Westlaw Criminal Law Week.
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<b><i>Dr David Zendle Imitating virtual reality?
According to victims’ families and media reports, there appear to be significant connections between life-like gaming and violence. Police Professional looks at the latest research.
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<b><i>Giles Herdale A digital refresh
As forces rapidly assess their exposure to failings in digital evidence disclosure, Giles Herdale examines how the so-called scandal came about and what is needed to improve processes, capability and culture.
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