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Acting on Learning
Centrex’s Leadership Academy has developed Action Learning sets that make learning from other sectors and individuals more productive.
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Disclosure conference
McKay law will be exploring the issue of disclosure at a conference being held in London on July 20. The event will examine the importance of managing disclosure issues where sensitivities around disclosure of sources, techniques and methodology exist.
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University liaison officers head to Lincolnshire for conference
Lincolnshire Police is to host a prestigious national conference for the first time for those officers who work closely with universities and colleges across the country.
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National awards for outstanding conflict management conference
ConflictPro and Skills for Justice are joining forces to identify service professionals who are doing an outstanding job in managing conflict.
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NOS approved for technical support and intelligence analysis
National Occupational Standards (NOS) units and qualification structures have now been approved for Technical Support and Intelligence Analysis.
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Covert Policing career development
The National Centre of Policing Excellence (NCPE) is currently developing a programme of learning and development around the field of covert policing. Covert policing career development
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Force in line for top PR award
West Midlands Police’s force newspaper has been recognised as one of the best internal publications in the country, fighting off stiff competition from some of the world’s biggest household names.
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Commanding order
Managing major public order situations is not everyone’s cup of tea, and places huge demands on commanders on the ground as well as in overall charge. We look at how the NCPE has developed a programme that professionalises public order command, making it an accredited specialism providing the tools to command with confidence.
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Clearer communication at NSS
This year’s National Safety Symposium (NSS) aims to give health and safety practitioners greater communication skills.
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Improving child protection
Failings highlighted in the various reports and inquiries following notable cases of child abuse and sexual offences, included an urgent need for improved training for those involved in investigating such cases in the police service.
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