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How can Body Armour Help Keep Police Officers Safe?
Every day, police officers across the UK place themselves on the front line of a war to help keep our communities safe. Statistics show that, between 1900 and 2012, 24 police officers have been killed by stabbing, and another 71 have been shot; other dangers include being run over (with 28 officers killed in this way in the same 112-year time-frame), and assault (with 33 deaths). In this time, the protective clothing available to officers has evolved considerably: many officers now wear stab vests while on patrol in certain areas, while bullet proof vests are typically worn by armed police entering extreme situations, such as sieges or terrorist attacks.
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Ready to Rumble
When animal rights protestors carried out attacks on a testing facility in Oxford, Thames Valley Police responded by setting up its own dedicated unit. Police Professional profiles the work of the unit and considers the implications for policing nationally. Carol Jenkins reports.
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Operation Canary
The recent influx of Polish immigrants into the Berkshire town of Slough has had a significant impact on local policing. Slough area commander Chief Supt Brian Langston talks to Police Professional about how his officers dealt with some very unique policing challenges and the wider lessons for the service.
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Knowing what we know...
Around 600 intelligence officers gathered in the heart of London to learn from those responsible for the way information is handled in the police, from Impact to SOCA. Police Professional listened to why we need to be aware of fundamental changes that will affect us all.
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First Contact
Call management needs to take a “quantum leap” forward according to a new HMIC thematic report. Its author Mike Horne summarises his findings and recommendations.
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Skills factory
An innovative development programme for civilian staff in the Met is tapping the potential of a huge pool of talent.
Tom Edwards reports

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Forces launch new MSc Management Programme
Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire constabularies have joined forces to provide a new senior level qualification focusing on management skills for police and criminal justice organisations.
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‘Chaotic’ lifestyles and ‘amoral code’ of Trident criminals
Guns are a status symbol to many in the British black community and have become both acceptable and available, according to Commander Cressida Dick, who heads up Operation Trident for the Metropolitan Police.
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Professional standards and IPCC
After a year of operations, two IPCC Commissioners and the Director of Investigations will be addressing the ACPO conference on the achievements of the first year, and the way that professional standards departments and the IPCC can move forward together.
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Training course aims to boost conviction rates
West Yorkshire Police is piloting a course in how to interview child abuse suspects in a bid to improve conviction rates.

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