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The scum wot won it
The election starting gun has sounded and the race to be the most popular something or other has commenced. Theresa May says the election has been called to provide stability and security during the Brexit period, despite a total lack of instability and insecurity thus far. Still, witches can famously foretell the future, so who are we humans to argue?
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I just called... to say...
North Wales Police has given a burglar a mobile phone to help him get reintegrated into the community.
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Follow the leader
The Home Office is consulting on replacing chief constables with external applicants (‘consultation’ in Home Office terms means ‘endorsement’).
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A Derbyshire officer by the name of PC Rothwell has recently emerged from a gross misconduct hearing, after confessing that he had paid for two packets of biscuits that a homeless prolific shoplifter had stolen from a Poundland store.
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Hold on, I'm coming
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has managed to publish an annual report and accounts, which would be praiseworthy indeed, if not for the fact that they cover the financial year of 2015/16.
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Investigating the investigators
Jennifer Izekor, an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) commissioner for London, has stood down (she can’t be suspended, as she is a public appointee) and an unnamed investigator has been suspended (because employees can) as part of an inquiry into whether they perverted the course of justice by hiding evidence that could have cleared a former officer accused of racism.
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Doing less with less
Police forces across the country have been castigated for their poor performance. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said only Durham Police is worthy of a top grade.
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‘I’m back!’
Cressida Dick has, as was widely anticipated, been appointed as the first female head of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), despite the strong objections of the family of a Brazilian electrician killed in a volley of bullets at Stockwell tube station in an operation for which she was the Gold Commander.
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All creatures great and small
Officers from North Wales Police (NWP) chased a BMW along the A55 until it crashed, leaving its driver seriously injured and causing the closure of the force area’s only proper dual carriageway.
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Oops, missed…
Protesters and police have clashed in Paris after French officers allegedly beat and raped a young black man named Theo.
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