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Don't you know who I am?
I did not have Porthcawl in South Wales down as a place that would see 35,000 visitors in one weekend, let alone 35,000 Elvis impersonators. But that is what happens every September at Europe’s largest gathering of fans of the dead musical star. I was also amazed to be told that the town has been chosen for deployment of the latest counter terror technology, but that too is true.
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Fake numbers
Great news! The Government has lifted the one per cent pay cap for both police and prison officers. Actually it hasn’t, sorry, it has been very sneaky. I hope Home Secretary Amber Rudd and the new policing minister do not expect thousands of officers on leave with stress to suddenly jump out of their sick beds and return to work after hearing the announcement.
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Hoisted with his own petard
Lt Greg Abbott, of the Cobb County Police in Georgia, has used his dashboard camera to record himself telling a white woman stopped over a traffic violation not to worry because the police “only shoot black people”.
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Watch your language!
Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey of the Metropolitan Police Service has sparked controversy by appearing to suggest people who do not speak English will receive a priority service.
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Getting my goat
Michael John Ashworth, 57, currently of no fixed address, has been arrested at the Channel Tunnel in France, having absconded from an open prison, which clearly was not a fixed address, in 1995.
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Hello Dolly
Our Texan commissioner has complained bitterly about an article in last week’s Police Professional, ‘Mechanisms of prevention’ which warns that robotic dolls are about to hit Britain, and will inevitably make their way into the sex industry.
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Climb ev’ry mountain
Two police officers, Mr and Mrs Rathod, have been sacked for having “shared misleading information” and “brought disrepute to the Maharashtra Police Department” by claiming they were the first Indian couple to climb Mount Everest. Suspicions were aroused because of the speed with which they called a news conference after claiming to have reached the summit, and photos that appeared to show them in two different sets of clothes and boots while on the climb.
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Banging heads
Police Scotland's chief constable, Phil Gormley, is the subject of an ongoing inquiry into allegations that he has engaged in bullying. He is, for now, staying in post.
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Stitch stats
Staff Officer Stitchley
New figures appear to show that crime and disorder in England and Wales have surged as police officer numbers have decreased. Could these two trends be linked?
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Free as a bird
Devon and Cornwall Police has launched the first dedicated police drone unit in the UK. It appears, as we go to print, not to have crashed into anything, yet.
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