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Beat me gently
Police officers across the globe face increasingly wretched terrestrial existences as they frantically try to do more, better, with less. Now it appears that they may be punished in the afterlife for trying to reach demanding performance targets set here on Earth.
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Nothing to get excited about
Sir Paul Stephenson, Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Commissioner circa 2009 to 2011, has backed former Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick by confirming that he was briefed about claims that Theresa May’s second-in-command Damian Green had pornography on his office computer. He says that he regarded them as a “side issue”, which is not as rude as a “bottom line” (see last week).
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Children, children
More than 6,000 cases involving children possessing or sending messages containing sexual images of themselves or others were recorded in the year to the end of last March.
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Soemthing tells me...
Chief Constable Simon Bailey instigated a Norfolk Constabulary review into why Cromer went into “lawless lockdown” after 100 travellers descended on the seaside town in August.
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Dodgeming the issue
The tabloid press claims that Humberside Police officers have enraged residents in and around Hull by riding on the dodgems at a fair. Their supervisors have defended their “light-hearted public engagement”, and Deputy Chief Constable Andy McDyer says he is “really disappointed in the article”.
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Please don't kick me
Ron Hogg, the ‘Workforce Portfolio Lead’ for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) has announced that he and his fellow PCCs are backing the second reading of the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill in the House of Commons this week.
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Don’t cough nothing
An anonymous ‘senior Conservative figure’ (Theresa May?) has questioned the position of a colleague, party chair Sir Patrick McLoughlin, after a ‘comedian’ called Simon Brodkin (stage name Lee Nelson) got close enough to the Prime Minister to hand her a P45 during her key address at the party’s Manchester Conference.
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Please dismount quite soon
The Home Office is to review the law around police pursuits, following a rise in concerns. Home office reviews are normally causes for concerns in themselves, but this one might go all right. There are very few statistics involved, so they will not have to attempt many calculations. The figures that are to hand are simple, but they are not encouraging, as they refer to increases in dangerous incidents.
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Are you listening carefully?
A deaf man, one Magdiel Sanchez, aged 35, has been shot and killed by Oklahoma City police officers as he approached them holding a metal pipe after a hit-and-run incident. Police Captain Bo Mathews says the two officers did not hear half-a-dozen neighbours screaming “he can't hear you” before opening fire. The shooting is now being investigated by city homicide detectives to determine if it was legally justified.
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Don't you know who I am?
I did not have Porthcawl in South Wales down as a place that would see 35,000 visitors in one weekend, let alone 35,000 Elvis impersonators. But that is what happens every September at Europe’s largest gathering of fans of the dead musical star. I was also amazed to be told that the town has been chosen for deployment of the latest counter terror technology, but that too is true.
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