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Where have all the flower sellers gone?
Nearly 200 mainly Lithuanian and Romanian migrant daffodil pickers employed at a farm raided by Devon and Cornwall Police have written to demand an apology for having been made to feel like victims after three arrests were made on suspicion of modern slavery and gangmaster offences. The suspects have since been bailed.
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Simon (allegedly) says
Simon Byrne, the chief constable of Cheshire Constabulary (as we go to press), faces a two-week disciplinary hearing in April. He is accused of having angry outbursts, conducting aggressive attacks, lacking authority, respect, courtesy, and self control, and exhibiting volatile unpredictable and offensive behaviour.
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There they were. Gone.
Analysis has revealed that one in seven bobbies on the beat have been axed over the past five years, along with one in three police community support officers (PCSOs). The consequences have clearly been kept from the public, although incidents in which officers have been stabbed, run over and disciplined for helping vagrant shoplifters have consistently made the headlines.
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Staff Officer Stichley
Veale meat again… February 1

The embattled Cleveland police force has defended its decision to appoint Mike Veale, the similarly embattled chief constable of Wiltshire Police, as its own chief constable, despite an ongoing Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation into allegations that he has deliberately damaged a mobile phone.

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Ben Bradley, aged 28, the MP for Mansfield and recently appointed as Tory Vice-Chairman for Youth, stands accused of having, in his own youth, in 2011, written a blog in which he encouraged police brutality after the London riots.
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Damaged tools
Taiwan’s national police agency has apologised for giving out 54 infected memory sticks as prizes in a government-run quiz that was (allegedly) intended to combat cybercrime. The infected sticks carry a virus that steals personal data, and has been linked to fraud.
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The wisdom of…
Freemason Ken Marsh, Chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation, has described allegations that Freemasons are blocking reform and diversity in policing as unfair and untrue.
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Too candid on camera
Former Policing Minister and until recently Secretary of State Damian Green has at last stepped down from his post as the Government’s second-in-command, after misleading a Cabinet Office inquiry about pornography on his computer. His colleague Jeremy Hunt has rushed to judge the conduct of ex-Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick and Detective Constable Neil Lewis. Perhaps he thinks there is an opening at the Ministry of Justice when Mrs May next assassinates (sorry, reshuffles) the Cabinet.
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Sock it to me
The Kenyan ministry in charge of policing appears, following an audit into the purchase of their officers’ shoes, to have mislaid around £1.3 million. This sounds damned careless. The audit’s report describes a “pathetic and unpleasant situation” in which some officers have patrolled in worn-out shoes, while others have been obliged to buy their own footwear.
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Ho 1, Ho 2 and Ho 3
The Duke of Cambridge has revealed that his four-year-old son Prince George wants a police car for Christmas. He is not alone. The prince has, in this era of austerity, only asked for one present despite having five options available on the pro forma that he has skilfully completed.
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