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<b><i>Jane Marshall</b></i> Removing barriers
Jane Marshall examines whether the single employer model of increased emergency services collaboration will create employment complications.
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‘Unreasonable’ claims
George Thomas explains how the Lynette White murder case has provided important lessons on arrest and the disclosure of evidence but has been 28 years in the making and come at a huge cost to South Wales Police.

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<b><i>John Riddell is a partner at<br>national law firm Weightmans</b></i> Appeal on its merits
The High Court recently delivered an important decision on the finality of orders under the fast-track procedure used in misconduct proceedings (Trevor Gray v Police Appeals Tribunal), as John Riddell explains.
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<b>Rose Linnane </b> A case for extending QOCS
The Civil Justice Council working group has concluded that there are strong arguments of principle weighing in favour of extending the scope of ‘qualified one-way costs shifting’ protection to claims against the police. Such an extension would mean that unsuccessful claimants would not be liable for a defendant police force’s legal costs. Rose Linnane explains.
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Brexit: What happens now?
George Thomas examines the legal implications for forces following the momentous result of last week’s referendum on membership of the European Union.
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Reading the ‘riot act’
George Thomas examines the impending changes to the system for compensating the victims of riots introduced by the Riot Compensation Act 2016.
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<B><I>John Riddell </b> </i> Removing articles
John Riddell examines last month’s Court of Appeal decision in Walid Yousif v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.
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Psychological challenges
Paul McFarlane examines the legal challenges facing police forces as a result of the increasing levels of psychological illness among police officers and staff.
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<B> <I> George Thomas <b/> <I/> Substance control
The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 is expected to come into effect on April 6. George Thomas provides a brief guide to what is – and is not – covered by the Act, the principal offences and police powers it creates.
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PC Rathband shooting - who was responsible?
George Thomas says the recent High Court decision in Rathband v chief constable of Northumbria should not be regarded as providing ‘blanket immunity’ from negligence claims, even in the operational context.
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