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<b><i>Peter Clemons Time to stop ESN ‘madness’?
As the Government’s Emergency Services Network (ESN) faces yet more scrutiny in the wake of a new report expressing “serious concerns about the provision of emergency service communications in Great Britain”, critics believe it could be time to “stop the madness and begin again”.
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£100m networking deal to transform MPS effectiveness
The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has agreed a £100 million networking and IT contract that will support faster responses to emergency 999 calls and enable the speedier deployment of officers.
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<b><i>Nick Hawkins Critical response
Terror is evolving. Once limited to hijacked planes and bomb vests, terrorists are resorting to ‘day-to-day’ resources such as rental cars and knives. These methods are more difficult to monitor, meaning that preparing for the unexpected is crucial.
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Cloud-based communications offers virtual solution
On demand, ‘virtual’ technology could hold the answer to coping with the increased volume of data being generated in today’s digitally-enabled policing environment.
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<b><i>Peter Prater Control room on ‘revolutionary path’
Three of the biggest names in police technology have developed a concept for a “revolutionary” control room of the future that will ensure victims of crime receive better and quicker help.
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BWV at heart of ‘fully modernised force’
West Mercia Police has begun the rollout of body-worn video (BWV) cameras to all frontline officers as part of its shift to a “modern, reformed force”.
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Suppliers sought for ESN mobile devices
The Home Office is stepping up the pace on its new Emergency Services Network (ESN) by tendering for “suitably capable and experienced providers of LTE (long-term evolution) handheld mobile devices and accessories” to appoint to a framework for the ESN.
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BWV ‘important mechanism’ to combat crime
The largest roll-out of body-worn video (BWV) cameras by police anywhere in the world continues to gather pace with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) equipping more than 1,300 officers in its new East Area Command.
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<b><i>John Rowland Online policing needs to catch up with commercial websites
Half of police forces in England, Wales and Scotland now offer online crime reporting but few have an easily found ‘push button’ to request a call back, according to a new study.
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<b><i>Deputy Chief Constable Gavin<br>Stephens Modernisation the ‘beginnings of a fully digitised criminal justice system’
Three thousand frontline officers will make use of specialist mobile technology in a regional partnership between Surrey Police and Sussex Police that will see a shift away from paper processes and the “beginnings of a fully digitised criminal justice system”.
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