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<b><i>Sarah Timmis and Fergus<br>Mayne Exploiting data for smarter services
The emergency services are “swimming in data”, but a new report argues that with ‘smart technology’ they could access better information on callers and situations to respond more swiftly and accurately to emergency calls.
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<b><i>Ian Bell ‘Intelligence’ could save 1.5m hours
The Police ICT Company (PICTCo) says its new collaboration with Chorus Intelligence has the potential to save forces up to 1.5 million hours UK-wide.
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<b><i>Allan Fairley New chair at ‘critical point’ for policing
Allan Fairley, UK public safety managing director at Accenture, has been elected as the new chair of techUK’s Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee. The committee steers the industry representative body’s work in policing, Home Affairs and the wider justice system.
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‘Complex challenges’ in transformation
The transformation of government services is acknowledged as “a huge and ambitious agenda”, but Tony Meggs, chief executive of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, insists “great progress” is being made in delivering it.
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<b><I>PSNI control room ‘Future-proof’ contact management
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is implementing ‘next-generation’ technology for contact centre and control room operations across its three regional contact management centres.
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Force seeks smarter analysis
Hertfordshire Constabulary is looking to develop software that enables business, crime and performance analysts and researchers across the force to “rapidly and easily create and share engaging, visual, interactive representations of data – such as tables, charts, graphs and infographics – to assist a swift, insightful understanding of performance at both strategic and tactical levels”.
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Pilot launched to test ‘full video’ courtroom
A pilot has been launched that will test the ‘fully video courtroom’ with members of the public for the first time. The first hearings will take place this spring, and HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) says by testing and evaluating the pilot it will explore how video hearings might be used to “improve access to justice and help cases progress faster”.
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<b><i>Vera Jourová EU plans wider access to criminal data
EU plans to create a comprehensive database to enable member states to exchange non-EU citizens’ criminal records faster will deliver “robust and seamless judicial cooperation throughout the EU”.
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Digital journey towards change
There is growing recognition of the need for policing to ensure greater consistency to new and emerging digital communities, to increase public confidence in police ability to reduce harm, and to build partnerships capable of bridging the significant delivery gaps that currently exist.
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<b><i>Adrian Fieldhouse, managing<br>director Government Sector, Sopra<br>Steria Public’s digital expectations rising
While digital technologies are fundamentally changing the way people live, work and interact with each other, public safety remains a significant concern on the transformation agenda. Almost half (44 per cent) of those interviewed for Sopra Steria’s latest annual report on the ‘citizen view of government digital transformation’ found justice and policing to be the least developed.
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