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Hi-tech drone to tackle rural crime
A new hi-tech drone is being deployed by Lincolnshire Police as part of a new drive to tackle rural crime. The unmanned aerial vehicle will be trialled before a force-wide rollout later this year.

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‘World first’ as smartphone emergency service goes live
Fifty members of the public have used the revolutionary ‘999Eye’ service to send images of ongoing emergencies to West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) in the first month since the smartphone system went live.
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Testing times for mission-critical LTE devices
The first interoperability test sessions for mission-critical LTE (long-term evolution) equipment begin in Europe this month. With interoperability and service harmonisation critical challenges for emergency services networks, the trials are the “first step towards ensuring that equipment from different vendors designed to support mission-critical users will work together”.
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Capita on ‘Cloud 9’ with support for digital policing
EvidenceWorks®, Capita’s enterprise digital evidence management suite, has been selected and approved on the Government’s G-Cloud 9 by the UK Digital Marketplace.
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<b><i>Peter Goodman (left) and David<br>Clark ‘Actionable intelligence’ needed on cyber threat
More convictions of cyber criminals must be made to stem the rising tide of online crime and fraud. The Lord Mayor of London, Dr Andrew Parmley, says this is the only way to improve cyber resilience.
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<b><i>David Spreadborough ‘Manipulation’ concerns over digital submissions
An increasing number of police forces are embracing the latest technology to enable the online submission of digital evidence by the public.
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<b><i>Henry Rex Innovation ‘key pillar’ in crime prevention
Industry analysts believe effective crime prevention in the 21st century will “depend on data analytics and technological innovation” – and Durham Constabulary’s decision to adopt ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) to assess suspects’ likelihood of reoffending is a significant step in embracing this.
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Suppliers sought for frontline fingerprint technology
The Home Office Biometrics (HOB) programme is seeking potential suppliers for fingerprint devices and associated capture software, together with law enforcement workflow/process management solutions for frontline law enforcement.
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<b><i>Dr Pete Burnap New centre of excellence to improve UK’s resilience to cyber attacks
A new centre of excellence aims to “improve resilience to cyber attacks” by conducting world-leading studies into machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence that will ultimately protect corporate IT networks, intellectual property and critical national infrastructure.
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Using social media to predict floods
The emergency services could soon harness the power of social media to get warnings about extreme weather events – such as hurricanes, storms and floods – before they happen.
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