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Less HQ and more IQ
Advances in mobile technology and increased connectivity are likely to result in fewer police headquarters and more autonomy for officers.
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<b><i>Clive Grunshaw visits the new<br>Lancashire CCTC control centre ‘Super hub’ the future of CCTV
A state-of-the-art CCTV hub covering nearly 250 cameras across East Lancashire is being hailed as a “model for the future” and is expected to lead to more prosecutions and a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour.
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‘Great step forward’ as BWV rolls out
All frontline officers and staff across West Mercia are now equipped with body-worn video (BWV) with the rollout completed three months ahead of schedule.
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<b><i>Sarah Timmis ‘999’ contact needs to get smarter
Digital transformation is driving public expectation of the emergency services. A ‘public service citizen pulse survey’ by the professional services company Accenture found that around seven in ten people believe that public agencies could provide a better customer experience by using the latest technologies.
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Push button - stop pursuits
Trying to safely end a high-speed pursuit can be one of the most dangerous situations officers find themselves in. Current tactics require officers to put their lives on the line by throwing spike strips into the path of the speeding vehicle. In such fast-moving operations, it can be next to impossible to stop traffic on a busy road, leaving officers at risk from both the suspect’s vehicle – which may deliberately target them – and from civilians.
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A vision for ‘smart’ public safety
Motorola Solutions celebrated it 50th year in the UK by opening a new London Innovation Centre last month that will showcase how new software and services are empowering public safety.
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<b><i>Stuart Aston Milestone with cloud storage approval
Police are capturing ever-increasing volumes of video and audio footage – from body-worn video (BWV), in-vehicle cameras and surveillance cameras, to digital recordings of interviews and contact centre communications.
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<b><i>Prison Governor David Matthews<br>at the CJM 2017 conference Virtual fence disrupts drones used to smuggle into prisons
Drones are now being used on a weekly basis to deliver drugs, mobile phones, weapons and other contraband into prisons across the UK.
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Video improving access to justice
The first live video link for vulnerable victims and witnesses became operational last week to provide “an alternative to undergoing the trauma of appearing in court in person”.
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Drones offer opportunity for a ‘digital wall’ at the border
Drone technology could provide a “digital wall” to enhance border control.
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