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<b><i>Cover: PSNI officers <br>at the Linfield v Celtic game</b></i> Champions League match leaves football club with hefty bill
A "powder keg" sporting event compelled a force to place a "policing footprint" across Belfast and has left a football club facing part of a bill of almost £100,000.
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<b><i>Convicted: Glasgow High Court</b></i> Man who raped woman 900 times in six years faces lifetime detention
A serial rapist is facing a "life-long restriction" after a 21-year reign of terror was brought to an end in the biggest policing operation by Scotland's domestic abuse task forces (DATFs).
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<b><i>John Campion: 'My focus throughout<br>this process has been on building<br>a safer West Mercia and<br>delivering the best services<br>for our communities' Public backs PCC’s single governance plans for fire service
West Mercia police and crime commissioner (PCC) John Campion’s plans to take over the governance of his fire and rescue service have been backed by the public.
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<b><i>Arfon Jones: We need to take<br>control of youth justice</b></i> Commission should devolve youth justice to Wales, says PCC
Wales needs to take control of its own youth justice services during a wide-ranging review of policing and the justice system, a police and crime commissioner (PCC) believes.
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<b><i>Chris Bryant: 'We have to protect<br>the protectors' PFEW launches Protect the Protectors petition
The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has launched an online petition asking for greater protection for those who work for the emergency services.
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<B><I>Eleanor Schooling: 'The best<br>teams are able to see the<br>bigger picture'</b></i> Forces missing the bigger picture of domestic abuse
Inspectors are calling for a “sea change” in how agencies respond to domestic abuse after finding too little is being done to prevent it in the first place.
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£4.1 million awarded to help break stalking’s ‘cycle of obsession’
Officers will help improve the national understanding of what drives stalkers through a first-of-its kind research study.
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Pensioner appears in court accused of 1972 sex attack
A 79-year-old man has appeared in court via video link accused of raping and kidnapping a teenager more than 40 years ago.
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Parsons Green arrests: Five now being held over bucket bomb terror attack
Detectives have made two more arrests in relation to last week's Parsons Green terrorist attack that left 30 people injured.
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<b><i>Luigi Basile: IPCC seeks 'exact<br>circumstances' regarding death</b></i> Inquiry into custody death
An investigation has been launched into the death of a detainee suspected of breaching a criminal behaviour order (CBO).
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