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<b><i>Mike Barton: ‘For heaven’s<br>sake fix it, and stop it’</b></i> Police Scotland frustrated investigation into counter corruption unit
“Ineptitude” and secrecy hindered a full-scale misconduct investigation into Police Scotland’s counter corruption unit (CCU), according to the chief constable tasked with looking into the unit.
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<b><i>Sue Mountstevens: It's important<br>we all continue to raise<br>awareness of FGM</b></i> Force pledges to thoroughly investigate potential FGM after 'deeply troubling' case collapses
A force has pledged to continue doing all it can to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM) after an “unprecedented” case collapsed due to inconclusive evidence.
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Cleveland Police ‘breached human rights’ by seizing phone records
A tribunal has put an end to a long-running case over a force’s breach of human rights laws by accessing journalists' data.
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Compensation granted to officer who ‘exaggerated’ injuries
A former officer who “grossly exaggerated” her injuries after slipping during a workplace prank has been awarded compensation.
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<B><i>False name: Mohammed Shaikh </B></i> ‘False name’ Maserati driver jailed after leaving officers with life-changing injuries
A Maserati driver who left two police officers in wheelchairs after losing control of the car because he had "too much to drink" has been jailed.
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<B><i>Leppings Lane: 96 died</B></i> Hillsborough update: CPS and IOPC deliberate additional criminal charges
Five more former police officers could face criminal charges relating to the Hillsborough disaster nearly 30 years ago.
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IOPC launches investigation into police contact before Staffordshire stabbing
The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has launched an independent investigation into the response to a number of incidents, which culminated in the stabbing of a 16-year-old girl.
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Officer denies ‘taking the biscuit’ as misconduct case crumbles
A police officer caught up in a disciplinary dubbed ‘Biscuitgate’ is to return to full duties after being cleared of gross misconduct.
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Updated guidance views domestic abuse as more serious ‘violation of trust’ in sentencing
People who abuse their partners or family members face the prospect of a “greater severity of sentence” than those who commit crimes in a non-domestic setting under updated rules announced today.
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MPS moving in the right direction with child protection
The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has been urged to maintain its progress to ensure better outcomes for London’s vulnerable children after 90 per cent of cases were assessed as being dealt with at a less than good standard.
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