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Pros and cons in new staff pay deal
Police staff have accepted a cut to their overtime rate in exchange for new rights to know rest days in advance and more annual leave.
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Officers investigated for gross misconduct after Tasering race guru
Two officers have been served with gross misconduct notices after mistakenly Tasering their force’s own race relations adviser.
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<b><i>Cressida Dick: New MPS commissioner<br>with Mayor Sadiq Khan</b></i> Cressida Dick confirmed as first female MPS commissioner
Cressida Dick has been appointed the first female commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in its 187-year history.
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<b><i>Pipe bomb: Five in discovery</b></i> Pipe bombs and ammunition find linked to republican group
A dissident republican group on ceasefire has been linked to a bomb cache find by police in Northern Ireland.
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Ongoing security alert as bomb goes off under car at home of 'lucky' police officer
A bomb has exploded underneath a police officer's car as five people have been charged following life-threatening arson attacks on homes of colleagues in Northern Ireland.
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<b><i>Daesh smiling assassin: <br>Abu-Zakariya-al-Britani</b></i> Daesh claims British suicide bomber carried out attack near Iraqi city of Mosul
A terror suspect reported to have been paid £1 million by the UK government after being freed from Guantanamo Bay has blown himself up in a suicide bombing mission in Iraq.
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<b><i>Craig Keane: Guilty of child abuse</b></i> Special sergeant and teacher admits child abuse charges
A special sergeant who worked full-time as a teacher has admitted sexually assaulting a child.
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<b><i>A petition asking West Mercia<br>Police to let Sgt David Evans keep<br>Ivy reached 38,000 signatures</b></i> Retiring sergeant ‘devastated’ after being told he cannot keep police dog
A retiring dog handler whose plea to keep his four-legged friend sparked a public petition has had his request denied.
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PCs stopped at McDonald’s for tea on way to suicide concern call
Two officers who stopped for a cup of tea while responding to a call regarding concern for a suicidal woman will face a gross misconduct hearing.
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Nine arrested after arson attacks on homes of police officers
Detectives investigating a string of "life-threatening" arson attacks at the homes of police officers have made nine arrests.
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