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Breakthrough on investigation linking ex-officer to historical murders comes on National DNA Day
A former police officer has been charged with several counts of murder after a dramatic forensics breakthrough “in the last six days” into a decades-long investigation covering dozens of rapes and killings in the US.
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<b><i>Amber Rudd: 'Together, we will<br>seek to prevent serious violence<br>from happening in the first place'</b></i> Membership of Serious Violence Taskforce revealed
Police, Ministers, MPs and local government will come together in a new taskforce to tackle violent crime.
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Current spotlight on stop and search issues prompts IOPC inquiry into incident captured on video
Public interest in stop and search has led to an independent investigation into an allegedly racist interaction outside a Caribbean takeaway.
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603 April 25 2018
In this week’s edition we have news that the misconduct hearing against Chief Constable Simon Byrne could result in the officer seeking a judicial review, an assessment of image retention has deemed it too difficult to delete custody images held by forces and Essex Police secures its highest value drug seizure. There is lots more news and features including including interviews with Chief Constable Jon Boutcher and National Black Police Association chair Tola Munro on the 25th anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the UK’s first and only black chief constable Michael Fuller discusses the lack of representation that reflects an unfairness throughout the criminal justice system. We explore alternative approaches to reducing harm at music festivals, Andy Higgins discusses the Police Foundation research into changing landscape of neighbourhood policing and we investigate how smartphone camera technology is giving forensic scientists more detail than ever before.
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<b><i>Kevin Nunes: Case under review</b></i> Force heralds ‘significant step’ as second Kevin Nunes investigation moves closer
Merseyside Police has launched a formal review into a murder case that led to 14 officers being investigated.
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Officer suffers broken leg in fail to stop collision
Bedfordshire Police is appealing for information after an officer’s leg was broken in a collision with another car.
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Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick Force backs trans equality initiative
Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and are among the 13 launch partners for a new programme by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) charity Stonewall that aims to create better ‘allies’ for trans people and bring “positive change in workplaces and communities”.
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Picture this
Advancements in smartphone camera technology mean forensic scientists are able to glean more detail than ever before from images when collecting digital evidence. Police Professional investigates.
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Testing times
The UK music festival season gets underway next month, with the police response to illegal drugs use facing greater scrutiny. Police Professional investigates an alternative approach to reducing harm.
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Andy Higgins Switching roles
Neighbourhood policing has gone in a variety of directions within different forces and taken on new functions as austerity has had an impact. Andy Higgins explains the changes from the original model so leaders can decide where its future lies.
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