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HMICFRS finds 'significant weaknesses' in child protection despite improvements at two forces
Child protection inspections at two forces have found one inadequate or requiring improvement in in 93 per cent of cases while another has been told to address failures in missing children proceedings.
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<b><i>DCC Louisa Rolfe: Every victim <br>should be safer for <br>having contacted the police</b></i> One in ten females aged 16 to 19 suffer domestic abuse, report finds
Police and crime commissioners are playing their part in making the protection of the vulnerable a priority as forces have been credited with “considerable improvement” in responding to domestic abuse issues, a leading report reveals.
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<b><i>Terrell's mother uploaded this<br>picture to Facebook shortly after<br>the incident Boy left ‘disfigured’ after pursuit leads to bike collision
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has launched an investigation into an incident in which a teenager suffered serious facial injuries during a pursuit.
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<b><i>Market terror: December 2016</b></i> Six Syrians suspected of ‘copycat’ market terror plot released
Six alleged Islamic State (Daesh) fighters arrested on suspicion of plotting a repeat of last year’s terror attack on a Christmas market in Germany have been freed through lack of evidence.
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<b><i>Killer: Jon Venables</b></i> James Bulger killer Jon Venables ‘returned to jail over child abuse images’
Child murderer Jon Venables has been returned to prison for a second time after he was caught with child abuse images again.
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<b><i>David Jamieson: 'It is important<br>we don’t revert to a model<br>akin to the old-style committee<br>system of the police authority' West Midlands to become third region to merge PCC/mayoral roles
The West Midlands police and crime commissioner (PCC) role is set to be scrapped in 2020 and taken on by the regional mayor, it has been confirmed.
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<b><i>Manchester Arena: Terror victims</b></i> Manchester bomb attack: Pre-inquest hearings delayed to allow for evidence gathering
Inquests for the 22 people who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena terror attack have been put back until next year.
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<b><i>Steve White: 'Damage could <br>be beyond repair'</b></i> Budget note to Chancellor: ‘Only improved funding and a clear plan will pull us back from the brink’
The Government is being challenged to give clear direction on the future of police funding after Philip Hammond remained tight-lipped on how the Treasury will support a service “struggling to cope”.
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<b><i>Paddy Tipping: 'we are on our way<br>to achieving our goals in<br>the Vision' Government gives £69m to policing since launch of reform programme
Policing needs a “big shift” to tackle the challenges that cybercrime poses as it takes a reflective look at the hopes and aspirations over the next decade.
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<b><i>Pointing a finger: Philip Hammond</b></i> Budget 2017 promise: Chancellor scraps VAT on Scottish police and fire services
Chancellor Philip Hammond accused the SNP government of burdening Scotland’s police and fire and rescue services with a £140 million tax bill legacy for ignoring the financial consequences of creating national forces.
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