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<b><i>PCC Clive Grunshaw: 'Lancashire Police is<br>faced with an ever rising bill<br>to police the fracking protests' Application to fund policing of fracking demonstrations rejected
Policing and fire minister Brandon Lewis has rejected a force’s appeal for extra funding to control fracking protests.
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<B><i>Bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi:<br> Died in Tripoli in 2012</B></i> Al-Megrahi relatives to launch fresh appeal with support of victims’ families
A fresh bid to clear the name of the only man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing is due to be launched in the next few days.
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College re-opens bursary applications
Even more officers and staff will be able to seek financial support for their educations when a pilot bursary project re-opens this year.
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<b><i>Serena Kennedy: 'I look forward to<br>working closely wth communities,<br>officers, staff and partners' Force appoints new ACC
A force has appointed a new chief officer after losing its former assistant chief constable to the National Crime Agency (NCA).
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<b><i>Derek Hancock was sentenced<br>for the manslaughter of Robert Cox<br>in 2014</b></i> Call handlers offered more help to recognise mental illness after fatal stabbing
New systems have been introduced to check if callers are vulnerable after a control room handler failed to recognise that a man who killed his neighbour five minutes later was mentally unwell.
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<B><i>Dr Moshe Kantor: Internet discourse<Br> is 'more and more threatening'</B></i> Spike in anti-Semitic offences in ‘English-speaking’ countries with no reasons identified, report says
The UK has one of the highest rates of anti-Semitic offences in the world bucking a downwards trend, a new report reveals.
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<b><i>The PSNI claims officers must<br>prioritise demands to protect the<br>public and mitigate risk</b></i> PSNI: ‘Competing demands’ prevent gold mine blasting cover as company threatens to sue
A force could face legal action after refusing to help a gold mining company transport and use explosives.
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<B><i>PC Steve Hutton: Convinced <br>suspect he had a dog</B></i> ‘All bark and no bite’ impression by officer leaves suspect in the dog house
An officer who last year imitated a police dog to catch a suspect has done it again.
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Officer hospitalised after charity boxing fight
An officer is in a serious condition in hospital after taking part in a charity boxing match.
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<b><i>Michael Matheson: Sexual harm<br>will not be tolerated in Scotland</b></i> New law seeks to challenge sex assault stereotypes
Rape campaigners have hailed a “significant step forward” as Scottish judges are now required to dispel misconceptions about how sexual assault victims ‘should’ behave.
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