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Promotion to Inspector


Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire

Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire

The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Alliance are seeking applications from substantive Sergeants on promotion to Inspector and from substantive Inspectors on level transfer.

This selection process is aligned with Step 3 of the National Police Promotions Framework (NPPF) and the purpose of this step is to assess candidates’ potential to perform at the rank of Inspector against the relevant behavioural competencies and to provide a robust and fair mechanism to broadly match the number of successful candidates to the number of expected vacancies.

If you are applying on promotion, you must ensure you have either, a valid legal exam pass (in line with NPPF step 2) or OSPRE part 2.

To be eligible to apply you will need to be a serving substantive Sergeant in a Home Office force or substantive Inspector. You should also have no live disciplinary sanctions or being managed under any formal stage for performance or attendance. You should also have an up to date competent PDR in your substantive rank which demonstrates your on-going commitment to personal development.

This opportunity is open to all substantive Sergeants within Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire as well as external applicants seeking promotion and substantive Inspectors seeking lateral transfer.

To apply, you should first register your interest via the e-recruitment system. Following this you should download the attached application form and provide this to your line manager for approval. Your line manager will be required to liaise with the relevant Head of Department prior to sign off. You will be asked to evidence against all the key competencies at level two of the Competency and Values Framework.

The closing date for registering for the promotion process is Sunday 03rd December 2017 at 23.55 hours, after which you will not be able to access the system and application forms will not be processed by the Promotion Team.

If you are supported by your line management and moderation panel, the next stage will be an interview and presentation which will assesses both your technical and leadership competencies.

Please note that there will be no immediate vacancies in Cambridgeshire and it is expected that there will be very little opportunity in the second half of the board pass validity period. There are slightly higher numbers of vacancies projected in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (in the region of 8-10 per force) however this is subject to change.

To apply click the link for each force:




Deadline for application: 03/12/2017

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