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Concordat proposed to solve child care criminality crisis
Cross governmental leadership is needed to prevent the criminalisation of children in the care system, according to a new report.
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Officer charged for refusing breathalyser
A senior Police Federation branch official has been charged for refusing to be breathalysed as she drove home from a misconduct hearing.
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PFEW reports partner company for fraud investigation
The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is again wrapped up in fraud allegations as an investigation has been launched into a lobbying firm in its employ.
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Officers ‘face sack’ for selling counterfeit goods on eBay
Two police officers who used eBay to buy fake goods and then pass them off as the genuine article are facing a misconduct hearing later this week.
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<b><i>Minister Caroline Dinenage: This <br>project 'helpful in diverting <br>women to services they need' Criminals to appear regularly before judges under pilot scheme to ‘get smart’ with offenders
Britain is heading for a new breed of American-style, problem-solving courts in a bid to cut “scandalous” re-offending rates — with an emphasis on keeping pregnant women and their babies out of prison.
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<B> <I> Chief Constable  George Hamilton </b> </i> Stamp of legitimacy
George Hamilton explains how building trust in the police has been achieved through welcoming scrutiny, with the introduction of policing by consent of all Northern Ireland communities offering lessons elsewhere.
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<B> <I> Dr Chris Yapp and Tim Drake </b> </i> Policing the future
As the pace of technological and social change gets ever faster, Police Professional looks ahead to the challenges these developments will bring and how forces can begin to prepare for them.
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506 May 19 2016
In this week’s edition we have news on all the discussions and debates from the Police Federation of England and Wales’ annual conference, including the lowdown on speeches by the Home Secretary and Shadow Home Secretary, also this week we have the latest on events in South Yorkshire as the area’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) Dr Alan Billings takes the first steps to dismiss Chief Constable David Crompton and Northumbria’s PCC has called for the publication of all documents relating to the Battle of Orgreave.
Features this week include, Police Service of Northern Ireland Chief Constable George Hamilton describes the journey of implementing the ‘policing by consent’ principle across the Province, we also take a look at a new technique using jewellery as a method of forensic identification and examine the challenges technological and social change will present to forces and how they can prepare for them.

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<B> <I> Maria Maclennan</b> </i> Gem of an idea
Maria Maclennan explains how the seemingly unrelated worlds of forensic science and jewellery can come together to help investigators solve crimes and identify missing persons.
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Trawling the net to target internet trolls
A software tool capable of both collecting and then cutting through millions of online messages to identify radicalising groups, trolls and cyberbullies has been created by a team at Lancaster University.
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