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Police Professional, the largest circulation police weekly, is the only UK professional journal that caters for police management, forensics, analysis, investigative practice, police technology, law, operational and strategic policing issues plus all the news and opinion, every week.

Police Professional's distribution includes individual and force subscriptions, plus a large controlled circulation to most middle and senior ranking police officers plus specialist staff such as heads of IT, procurement personnel, HR, forensics and analysts, making it the only publication most managers and specialists read.

Due to its in-depth and informative content, combined with workplace distribution, publication on force intranets and access to the majority of police personnel through this website, Police Professional is the most influential policing journal.

Every article published in Police Professional is published within the subscriber section of this website. In addition, Latest News is updated every day with important stories and developments.

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Police Professional is published by Verdant Media Limited.

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