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<b> <I> Clare Mackintosh: In uniform days</B> </i> Ex-officer beats Harry Potter novelist to win UK's premier crime novel prize
A former police officer, driven by tragedy in and out of her uniform before penning a best-selling thriller, has beaten JK Rowling to be crowned the UK's top crime-fiction writer.
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Dobbed in: superintendent avoids jail term
A senior police officer who swindled thousands of pounds from a primary school and Scout troop in Swindon has been handed a suspended sentence.
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<b> A consequence of dwindling<br>resources: Steve White </b> Officer sickness levels on the rise and resignations increase
There has been a “concerning” rise in the number of officers on long-term sickness leave and levels of people leaving the service, according to the latest workforce statistics.
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<b> <I> History in the making?: Liz <br>Truss being the first female <br>Lord Chancellor is disputed by <br>a 19th century literary reference <br>dating back nearly 900 years<br> to Henry III's wife Queen Eleanor</B> </i> Lord Chief Justice becomes advocate for defence of new Justice Secretary
New Justice Secretary Liz Truss promised that modernisation of the court system is “high on her agenda” after being formally sworn in to her dual government role as Lord Chancellor.
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<b><i>Officers cordoned off streets<br>around the station</b></i> Flaming car attack on Australian police station ‘not terror-related’
A man has been arrested after he crashed a burning car into a Sydney police station.
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In this week’s edition we have all the latest news including details of the appointments to both Home Office and Ministry of Justice ministerial teams, which see formal rivals come together to address reoffending and improve security.
Elsewhere, totally inadequate supervision and enforcement mean London has become a safe haven for money launderers, MPs have said, and in her first speech as Home Secretary Amber Rudd has reassured the public about security measures at major UK events.
Lots more news plus features include a look at how old methods could provide more accurate reoffending predictions for mid-level offenders and Dr Loretta Trickett discusses the expansion of hate crime reporting to include misogynistic behaviour. Also this week, we examine the changing nature of Home-grown terrorist and how organised criminals are exploiting the retrieval of historical maritime artefacts.

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<B> Vincent Woolsgrove pictured sitting <br> on top of one of three Dutch cannon</b> Finders keepers
It may appear that retrieving artefacts hundreds of years old from the bottom of the sea is a legitimate form of earning, but one recent investigation showed how much money can be gained by organised criminals with tragic consequences.
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<b>Dr Loretta Trickett </b> Ahead on hate
Dr Loretta Trickett discusses the expansion of hate crime reporting to misogynistic behaviour in the context of increased reporting following the EU referendum vote and the quality of training given to frontline officers.
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<b> Dr Geoffrey Barnes </b> Checking the future
Dr Geoffrey Barnes explains how five years of data and old-fashioned decision trees could provide a more accurate prediction of reoffending and explains how they are assisting Durham Constabulary divert medium-risk offenders.
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Delinquents to mujahideen
The latest atrocities to hit Europe demonstrate the changing nature of home-grown terrorists – typically involved in petty crime and gangs until they take up the cause.
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