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<b><i><a href=https://www.gofundme.com/Oliversheartsurgery>Oliver Cameron and his mother<br>Lydia</b></i></a> An appeal for Oliver
The four-month-old son of a Thames Valley Police constable has been diagnosed with an extremely rare condition that could be treated in the US. Police Professional is asking readers to help the officer’s family raise the money that will pay for his urgent surgery.
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<b><i>Allan Richards: 40 offences</b></i> 'More victims likely' of paedophile officer as force faces legal case
Trials that led to a police officer being jailed for 22 years for historical child sexual abuse may only have "scratched the surface", lawyers claim after seeking the right to pursue his force on behalf of a victim.
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<b><i>Jürgen Stock: 'Direct access <br>needed to Interpol databases' </b></i> Interpol IDs global network of Daesh fighters 'trained to carry out terror attacks in Europe'
Military success against terror networks must be converted into "actionable intelligence" for the global policing family, Interpol insists, after publishing a list of nearly 200 terror suspects.
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<b><i>Dr Alan Billings: There may be<br>situations where custody officers<br>feel spit guards are necessary</b></i> Spit guards given to South Yorkshire custody officers
South Yorkshire Police will introduce spit guards from January to protect custody officers from “simply unacceptable” assaults.
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<b><i>Steve White: 'Occupational <br>health support in many <br>forces is inadequate and <br>sometimes non-existent'</b></i> Disasters 'not necessarily' trigger to officers' cries for mental health help
The “drip, drip, drip” stresses associated with everyday policing is being blamed for pushing more and more officers into a state of mental health "suffering".
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565 July 20 2017
In this week’s edition we have news that the UK’s three biggest unions have submitted a five per cent pay claim for police staff, a damning inspection report blames poor training for a “basic lack of knowledge” of disclosure of evidence laws, and the collapse because of disclosure failings of the UK’s most expensive police corruption trial has been blamed on human error. We have lots more news and features including coverage of the Police Federation of England and Wales’ 2017 bravery awards, we look into how British Transport Police incorporates evidence based policing into day-to-day activities, research from Japan shows human blood taken from mosquitos and other blood sucking insects can be used as viable evidence to link suspects to crime scenes. We also explore the challenges from illegal fishing, and as an inspection of forces’ response to modern slavery is due to be published, we look at the work being done nationally to assist forces combat the issue.
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<b><i>Dr Barak Ariel Platform for EBP
British Transport Police has led the way in incorporating evidence-based policing into day-to-day activities. Dr Barak Ariel told a recent University of Cambridge conference how the force was overcoming barriers to implementation.
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<b><i>Detective Chief Inspector Jenny<br>Bristow Responding to the call
As forces prepare for critical assessments of how they investigate modern slavery, officers and staff are rapidly building the service’s capability in this area following a call to arms by the Prime Minister. Police Professional visited the Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit to find out more.
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<b><i>Giles Evans (centre), North East<br>regonal enforcement manger for the<br>Angling Trust, with Environment<br>Agency officers Kevin Summerson (left)<br>and Dave Shears Netting offenders
The environmental impact of illegal fishing can be immense particularly when conducted on an industrial scale. Police Professional reports on the challenges facing those charged with protecting the UK’s rivers from criminals.
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<b><i>Stereomicroscopic images of mosquito<br>species without and with blood<br>release at each time point (a)<br>without and (b) with release of<br>the blood meal Digesting the evidence
Investigators could find valuable biometrics when blood-sucking insects are present at a crime scene, according to recent research by Nagoya University.
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