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<B><I> A lack of conistency across<br>the country: Lucy Jaffe </b> </i> Disparity in victim services provision revealed
There are significant variations in the transparency, progress and implementation of Restorative Justice (RJ) processes across England and Wales, new research has found.
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<b><i>The medals that will be given to<br>retired Essex Police dogs Force to give medals to retiring dogs
A force will soon become the first in the country to award loyal service medals to its retired dogs.
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<b> <I> More work still to do: Amyas Morse </b> </i> Caseload issues remain after probation reform
Restructuring the Probation Service has been achieved without major disruption, but heavy caseloads and a lack of cooperation between public and private partners needs to be resolved, an independent study has found.
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<b><i>Che Donald: We are looking at an<br>uplift of roughly 250 armed police Government accused of ‘fleecing the public’ as number of firearms officers drops 19 per cent in five years
Government promises to recruit 1,500 more armed police have been branded ‘smoke and mirrors’ after official statistics for police use of firearms and Tasers revealed that the number of firearms officers has dropped by more than 1,300 since 2010.
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<b><i>Leppings Lane: Battle to save <br>lives turns into a legal fight</b></i> High Court claims issued as police sued by 400 relatives of Hillsborough disaster victims over ‘cover up and lies'
Families of Liverpool football fans involved in the Hillsborough disaster are to sue two police forces for an undisclosed sum over their handling of "defending the indefensible".
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<b><I>Public image – Facebook posting<br>of Damon Searson and<BR>Terri-Marie Palmer </b></i> Social investigations
Apps and social media are a burden and a godsend. Police Professional examines recent cases to identify how investigators can ensnare criminals by using all digital means available.
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<b> <i> Ayessha Ali </i> </b> Unravelling a web of lies
The death of an eight year old led to the bizarre discovery of false identities and relationships created through social media, which ultimately provided the evidence of guilt. Detective Chief Inspector Gary Lloyd explains how the case unfolded.
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<B> <I> Chief Superintendent Chris Haward </B> </I> A process for collaboration
What works for one force might not necessarily work for another – especially in an area as complex as operational support collaboration. Police Professional looks at a successful example to find lessons on achieving the right solution.
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Targeted policing
Jonathan Shepherd, Vivienne Avery and Saifur Rahman examine how data from accident and emergency departments can reveal ‘invisible’ violence hotspots and gang crime activity.
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503 28 April, 2016
This week’s edition is dominated by the Hillsborough disaster inquests’
verdicts, which apportion blame to the police, ambulance and Sheffield
Wednesday, and completely exonerate the 96 fans who lost their lives, and the Liverpool supporters.
Also included: Home Secretary Theresa May and senior policing figures join the Brexit debate, major discrepancies emerge between the Crime Survey for
England and Wales and police recorded crime and the Government has
announced tough new proposals to combat money laundering.
Much more news plus features this week include: an examination of how data from accident and emergency departments can reveal ‘invisible’ violence hotspots and gang crime activity; discussions on operational support collaboration; the latest on social media and digital investigation techniques; plus we have a major case study that concluded by unravelling false identities and social media relationships.

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