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<b><i>Force says case is<br>unprecedented in English law</b></i> Naming suspect who continued to spread HIV ‘would have given false sense of security’
Sussex Police has defended releasing a man from custody after he was suspected of deliberately infecting others with the HIV virus and went on to commit further offences.
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Spit hoods to be introduced by Avon and Somerset Constabulary
More than half of all forces have rolled out spit hoods after Avon and Somerset Constabulary announced it is to begin deployment in January.
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<b><i>Julia Mulligan: would like<br>to see new arrangements also<br>apply to chief fire officers</b></i> Legislation will cap chief officers' annual leave and enshrine publication of pay packages
Chief officers' annual leave and rest days will be formalised and scrutiny of employment after leaving the service will be introduced under an agreement with the Home Office.
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<b><i>Bill founders: Holly Lynch and Chris<br>Bryant</b></i> ‘Protect the Protectors’ Bill passes committee stage
New legal protections for officers have moved one step closer as the ‘Protect the Protectors’ legislation passed the second stage in Parliament.
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Three times more cars unlicensed after tax discs abolished
Campaigners have called for “stronger enforcement” after the number of untaxed vehicles tripled in three years.
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582 November 16 2017
In this week’s edition's news police and crime commissioners warn MPs of a loss of 6,000 officers, mostly from neighbourhood policing, unless there are changes in funding. HMICFRS has published its PEEL Efficiency report, detailing how most forces need to improve their understanding of hidden demand as calls for service and crime reports increase. There is lots more news and features including a profile of the work of the UK’s only policing think-tank, Dr John Coxhead discusses the role science plays in advancing practice in policing, we explore the criminal opportunities created by changes to contactless cards and report from the FBI’s National Academy European training event and publish a study commissioned by the N8 Policing Research Partnership about the inhibitors and enablers of effective collaboration. Our cover feature examines whether algorithms can pass the evidential test as courts begin questioning the software being used in genotyping mixed DNA samples from crime scenes.
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<b><i>Dr Rick Muir Adding rigour
Police Professional examines the work of the UK’s only policing think-tank.
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<b><i>Neil Basu speaking at the<br>FBI National Academy Lessons across borders
The growth of international crime, trafficking and cyber attacks have reinforced the need for learning to be shared around the world. Police Professional reports from the unique training event involving senior officers from across Europe who have attended the FBI’s Academy in Quantico.
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<b><i>Dr John Coxhead Science v innovation
Dr John Coxhead discusses the role science plays in advancing and resisting advances in practice, arguing that policing needs ideas that lead the law enforcement battle.
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<b><i>Charlie French (left) and Dr<br>Xavier L'Hoiry Cross-border champions
The extension of the already considerable collaboration between forces in the North East was limited by failing to learn the lessons of previous projects. One study has sought to quantify what helps and hinders success in this area.
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